HDMI 1.4 Extender - Luxi Series

HDMI 1.4 Extender - Luxi Series

Product code: LU-EHD-111
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Quick Overview

The LU-EHD-111 High-Speed HDMI repeater included in the Luxi Series extends an HDMI signal between the playback device and video source at full HDTV resolution to a distance of up to 28 meters. The modern electronics of the Luxi products continuously guarantee full support of the latest HDMI formats including 4K compatibility with DeepColor at full HDCP support. Thanks to the practical cable whip, the repeater can also be used in small and complicated spaces without a problem. An external power supply is not needed.


The products from the LuxiID series allow for setting up an HDMI connection in just five minutes. Individual cable lengths can be easily confectioned on location without any loss in performance.

The Latest Generation

The high-quality PureLink HDMI products included in our LuxiID Series support the newest features of HDMI. This repeater complies with the latest norm of HDMI High Speed and supports resolutions up to FullHD. It is of course downward compatible with all former HDMI versions.

Signal Amplification on Location

Passive HDMI cables can transmit a 1080p signal over a maximum of 20 meters. From this length on, the loss of signal is too high resulting in static, image interferences or simply empty scenes. Our LuxiID repeaters are HDMI conform and enhance the maximum cable length between video source and playback device at full HDTV resolution to up to 28 meters, at 720p even up to 50 meters. There is no need for an additional power supply for the extender.

The necessary 5V voltage is provided via the HDMI cable. A maximum transmission distance cannot be defined exactly because it depends heavily on factors like sending and receiving devices.

Triple Shielding

Our unique triple-shielding technology consists of a 100% closed aluminium foil, a thick netting and an additional inner shielding. Due to this, our cable is immune from interferences (EMI) and crosstalk. The ultra-pure inner conductor made of OFC copper can, therefore, unfold its full potential.

For Professional Purposes and Installations

All LuxiID products are manufactured in only the most modern production facilities and are tested a 100% before shipping. During the manufacturing process, the cables undergo over ten quality tests, making them the most reliable choice on the market.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Manufacturer Purelink
Warranty 1 year
Color Black
Form No
Product Type No
Supported Video Inputs No
Audio Input Types No
Maximum video inputs No
Supported outputs No
Audio Output Types No
Maximum video outputs No
Mirrored video outputs No
Supported video resolution No
Supported audio formats No
Control Method No
IR Control No
Main Power No
Receiver Power No
Height (mm) No
Width (mm) No
Depth (mm) No
Manuals No
HDMI 1.4 Extender - Luxi Series
HDMI 1.4 Extender - Luxi Series