PureInstall - Displayport Cable - 3.00m

PureInstall - Displayport Cable - 3.00m

Product code: PI5010-030
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Quick Overview

The DisplayPort cable PI5010 enables the connection of two DisplayPort devices with a resolution of up to 8K@60Hz / 4K@120Hz and thus complies with all requirements of the DisplayPort 1.4 standard.


Featuring a bandwidth of max. 25.92Gbps via HDBR3 and incl. DSC1.2, visually lossless 8K signals incl. HDR and up to 10bit colours can be transmitted. This cable is the right choice for perfect transmission of high-resolution signals using the DP 1.4 standard. Both ends feature a perfectly fitting and gold-plated PureInstall-connector for a long-term connection without the risk of any interference.


High-quality materials, custom-fit plugs and couplings, gold-plated pins as well as waiving unnecessary parts, PureInstall products are a good investment for any field of use.

The Latest Generation

These PureInstall DisplayPort cables are compliant with the DisplayPort standard v1.4.

Thus, they support resolutions up to UHD-2/8K@60Hz with full 10bit and incl. HDR as well as smaller resolutions of 4K/UltraHD@120Hz (3840x2160) in lengths up to 5.00m.

The visually lossless "Display Stream Compression v1.2" with max. 1:3 compression rate is perfectly suited for all DisplayPort signals up to 8K UHD (7.680 × 4.320 Pixel) incl. 10bit / 12bit HDR with 60Hz, resp. 4K UHD (3.840 × 2.160 Pixel) with 12bit HDR at up to 240Hz.

Further, the cables are backwards compatible with all older DisplayPort specifications.

Triple Shielding

Our unique triple-shielding technology consists of a 100% closed aluminium foil, a thick braid and an additional inner shielding. Due to this, our cables are immune to interferences and crosstalk. The ultra-pure inner conductor made of OFC copper can, therefore, unfold its full potential.

Custom-fit, Durable and without Losses

The highly precise manufactured and custom-fit 24-carat gold-plated pins guarantee a perfect transmission and permanently lasting functionality. Our DVI cables have been tested for professional use and extreme bending.

For Professional Purposes and Installations

All PureInstall cables are manufactured in only the most modern production facilities and are tested 100% before shipping. During the manufacturing process, the cables undergo over ten quality tests, making them the most reliable choice on the market.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Manufacturer Purelink
Product Type Cable
Cable Length 3m
Cable Diameter 0
Cable Jacket Colour No
Color Black
Input/Output Male to Male
Locking No
Width (mm) 0
Height (mm) No
Depth (mm) 0
Main Power No
Supported Video Inputs No
Audio Input Types No
Supported outputs No
Audio Output Types No
Supported video resolution No
Supported audio formats No
Warranty No
PureInstall - Displayport Cable - 3.00m
PureInstall - Displayport Cable - 3.00m