PureTools - Button panel, 8 programmable buttons, silver faceplate

PureTools - Button panel, 8 programmable buttons, silver faceplate

Product code: PT-CON-WP8S
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Quick Overview

This is a programmable 8-button control panel as wall-plate. Every button is programmable and works either individually or together with another one. The panel features 3x RS232, 1x RS485, 3x IR, 2x relay and 1x miniUSB ports.


It is able to control any device via one of the protocols, such as projectors, screens, TVs / monitors, AV extenders/splitters, etc. It is an easy-to-use control device for presentations in show rooms, classrooms and boardrooms as well as for complicated AV installations, as in broadcasting or media production environments. Please note: The first RS232 port and the second infrared port share the same connection and can thus not be used at the same time.

The same issue applies for the second RS232 and the third infrared port, which are also "linked".

The PureTools Series - High-Quality AV Products for Commercial Applications

The PT-WP8 module is an individually programmable 8-button control panel in 1-gang size for any AV application with each button supporting page and toggle settings.

It is ideally suited for integration into office furniture. Each key is freely programmable

It features RS232, RS485, IR & relays control ports to control any device of choice.

Crystal and luminescent, programmable buttons

Every button can be programmed from a PC via USB or RS232, using the software - Find all the details and features of this great and easy to use the software in the user manual.

The backlight intensity of the translucent buttons can be adjusted as well.

Customizable and changeable labels for any button - Every label inside the respective button can be changed at will.

Mini USB Connector:

- Communication with a PC using a comprehensive and intuitive software to program the buttons

- Transmit the infrared data when learning IR (Optional)

Infrared sensor port:

- Receive and learn the IR code, to build a personalized IR database

Software and Programming:

- Installation: Suitable USB drivers must be installed (normally included in Windows). The software can run "stand-alone", without any installation

- Connection: The control panel can be connected to the computer via USB or RS232 for programming and to default the functions of every button

- Action sets: Add an action to the action list, then add the desired resulting events to this action to make the action execute the events

- The firmware is updatable via USB

Software buttons:

- There are three different "key colors" available in the panel setup of the software - white, blue and yellow

- The white buttons represent the 8 physical buttons on the front panel itself

- The blue and yellow software buttons can be set up with a special function or action set and then assigned to one of the white buttons

- This means, one physical button can trigger a nearly unlimited set of commands and actions


- This control panel can activate different ports at the same time, allowing every button to send RS232 / RS485 commands, IR code and control the relay at the same time.

- RS232 port 1 and IR port 2 share the same port, the detailed use depends on the individual software settings. When used in RS232 mode, only a unidirectional transmission without receiving at the same time is possible.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Manufacturer Purelink
Form In Wall
Color White
Max Screen Size (Inch) No
Min Screen Size (Inch) No
Height (mm) 114
Width (mm) 70
Depth (mm) 28
Warranty 1 year
Main Power No
PureTools - Button panel, 8 programmable buttons, silver faceplate
PureTools - Button panel, 8 programmable buttons, silver faceplate