MiniDP/VGA Adapter - iSeries

MiniDP/VGA Adapter - iSeries

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The IS030 adapter supplements our iSeries when it comes to adapters - even old screens from yesterday and before that can be connected to an Apple computer with our adapters, for example when it comes to presentations.


With our iSeries product line, PureLink extends the product range by various cables and adapters for Apple devices. One Port - Three Directions The iSeries products offer users of Apple devices various possibilities of signal transmission from Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt to HDMI, DVI and/or VGA. Perfected Product Line The adapters included in the iSeries from PureLink are on the one side equipped with a Thunderbolt compatible Mini DisplayPort plug which converts the signal to either HDMI-A, Single-Link DVI (24+1) or VGA on the other side. High Quality Materials and Light Design The ca. 10 meter long Portsaver cables of the adapters are made of ultra-pure OFC copper wire and thanks to triple shielding they are equipped for high-demand and outage-critical scenarios. Furthermore, the adapters are provided with precision plug contacts. A focus has been put on a light design and good transportability. Additional Products Alongside the adapters, we also offer cables in our product range. These connect the signal from Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbold on the input side to DisplayPort, VGA, Single-Link DVI (24+1) or HDMI-A on the output side.

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Cable Length No
Cable Diameter No
Cable Jacket Colour No
Colour No
Input/Output N/A
Locking No
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Depth (mm) No
Main Power No
Supported Video Inputs No
Audio Input Types No
Supported outputs No
Audio Output Types No
Supported video resolution No
Supported audio formats No
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MiniDP/VGA Adapter - iSeries
MiniDP/VGA Adapter - iSeries