XTND 2K (30) Extender

XTND 2K (30) Extender

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Quick Overview

XTND 2K(30m)
is our new low-cost and super-small HDMI over Cat 6 extender with PoE.

Full HD 1080p HDMI signal up to 30m over Cat 6 cable.
HDMI loopout for distribution to a second nearby display.
Uses single-wire technology and supports PoE.
Backwards IR for control of the extended source device.
Sold as a complete package inc. IR. For full specs see below.



XTND 2K (30m) HDMI extender with PoE is a reliable. entry-level product with a must-have feature set. It uses single wire technology to effectively increase the range of a Full HD 1080p HDMI signal from a HDMI 1.4 or earlier source device up to 30m over a single Cat 6 cable. Slightly greater distances can be achieved using Cat 7, whilst shorter distances will be achievable using Cat 5e. For full cabling and distance specifications, see the graphic representation below.

Backwards IR enables your client to control the extended HDMI source from the display location. You can deliver more for less by choosing the XTND 2K (30m) HDMI Extender: it has a built in HDMI loopout on the transmitter that allows you to integrate a second local HDMI display via an appropriate length of HDMI lead. So, you can effectively split a HDMI signal whilst extending it for no extra cost and with no extra hardware.

XTND HDMI extenders use lightweight aluminium metalwork with a carbonite colour finish for neater, smarter installation. The XTND 2K (30) comes supplied as a complete kit with 1 x transmitter, 1 x receiver, and IR gear.

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Additional Information

Country of Manufacture China
Warranty 2 years
Colour Silver
Form On Wall
Product Type Extender
Supported Video Inputs HDMI
Audio Input Types N/A
Maximum video inputs 1
Supported outputs HDMI
Audio Output Types N/A
Maximum video outputs 1
Mirrored video outputs 1
Supported video resolution No
Supported audio formats No
Control Method IR
IR Control Backwards
Main Power 5V
Receiver Power PoE
Height (mm) 17
Width (mm) 68
Depth (mm) 80
Manuals No
XTND 2K (30) Extender
XTND 2K (30) Extender