Murideo Fresco SIX-A

Murideo Fresco SIX-A

Product code: SIX-A
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Quick Overview

It's finally here, the Murideo Fresco SIX-A: The Next Analyser. This is a 18GBPS 4K Analyser that can read HDR data at the same time as giving you a live video preview. This is the new standard in analysers, and paired with the Fresco SIX-G Generator becomes a full calibration and testing system.


18 GBPS Signals Analyse any HDMI/DVI signals up to 18 GBPS (4096x2160P60 4:4:4). Test HDMI/DVI Cables up to 18GBPS, giving you the ability for full TMDS testing. Analyse Over Time With the Fresco SIX-A Analyser you can analyse and report HDMI Distribution over time. You choose minutes, hours, days, and you are testing down to the pixel. Handheld Device Because this powerhouse comes in a handheld device you have the ability to use it very easily in the field. With it's own battery there is no need to have it plugged into a power source, just make sure you charge it before using. HDR, Meta data, Edid and more With the Murideo Fresco SIX-A Analyser you can test HDR signals, metadata, infoframes, and 2-channel and multi-channel Audio Confidence Tests. As well as read and write EDID's with our Advanced EDID analysis and tools.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture United States
Brand Murideo
Form Compact
Colour Light Grey
Height (mm) 139
Width (mm) 108
Depth (mm) 28
Warranty 2 years
Main Power 5V
Murideo Fresco SIX-A